Now Available to the Public!

Personal Training

If you’re new to focus mitt training and looking to add boxing to your repertoire of training modalities, the Flex-Mitt will help trainer and trainee alike.

Beginners are often not accurate and have difficulty controlling power (or hit as hard as they can all the time!) so a beginning trainer can easily be in harm’s way with regular gloved focus mitts. With the Flex-Mitt and its extended handle, the body and face of the trainer is outside the strike zone and allows for a great margin of error on accuracy and power of the trainee.

Also as the trainer’s skills quickly develop with the Flex-Mitt, the trainer uses less energy per round allowing training with many clients in a single day.

Le Boxeur Gym is pleased to offer a free Flex-Mitt training video for trainers wanting to learn how to work the mitts to give their clients a fun high-intensity low-impact workout – a workout that they’ll enjoy getting better at each time and the extra bonus of developing self-defense skills.

Big Fred Kassi Personal Training with Flex-Mitts.