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Pro Boxing

Fred Kassi, pro heavyweight with an 18-3-1 record co-designed the Flex-Mitt to help increase his mobility and improve his counterpunching reaction time. As a smaller heavyweight giving away 5-8” in reach requires very special training. Trainer Matt Nussbaum worked with Fred to develop the Flex-Mitt as a tool to fight much taller opponents. With Matt training Fred and giving away 60lbs, he needed a way to handle the punishment that Fred dishes out every day, all day. Using the Flex-Mitt evens the playing field on reach and actually gives Matt the advantage forcing Fred to slip and move to get inside.

Jason Van Veldhuysen, author of over 200 boxing training videos says,” In between focus mitts and striking sticks…Flex-Mitts will save your shoulders and elbows and revolutionize pad work.”

Every trainer is different with their own styles. World-Class trainer Joel Diaz who has trained Timothy Bradley, Jr, Ruslan Prodnonikov, Victor Ortiz, Diego De Le Hoya, and Manuel Mendez currently uses the Flex-Mitt in his facility in Indio.

Joel Diaz works Prospect Manuel “Le Tormentor” Mendez on the Flex-Mitts.