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Flex-Mitt Product Reviews

Flex-Mitts Product Reviews

We push to get reviews from new customers. Check the emails we’ve got from our customers:


Boxing/Personal Trainer Expert Video Reviews

Coach Joe Divosovic Fist n Fitness Flex-Mitt Training Video Review

Jason VT Precision Striking Flex-Mitt Video Review

Other Customer and Coach Comments

There have been some negative comments as well. Most of them have been by phone or txt. I will paraphrase here

“The handles are too long to travel easy with” T. Harlib

Response: Hmm….maybe we need a travel bag!

“There is an adjustment period, it takes a while to get smooth with them.” Erin Navarro

Response: We appreciate everyone’s feedback and a few others have made this comment. This is why we are continuing to add to the flex-mitt youtube channel (here) so that the adjustment period is minimized. We are working on more instructional videos to reduce adjustment time.

“Maybe the handle needs to be heavier.”  Carl Handy

Response: Every trainer is a bit different. We put in about two years of prototype development to get the balance in pad, handle, and grip density just right and try to keep the entire weight under 400 grams. We’re pretty close and don’t want to go heavier so that trainer does not get fatigued in four hours of continuous mitt work.

INDUSTRY BREAKTHROUGH – Flex-Mitts First Manufacturer to offer a THREE-YEAR Replacement Warranty!!

Our mitts are expensive because they are expensive to make. If you do a lot of mitt work you know the average life of even the top hand mitts is a year or so before the foam starts to compress and stiffen. At that point the hand mitts provide little or no protection. That’s why we invented these in the first place – we were going through expensive hand mitts every 4 months!

With the new flex-mitt design, we don’t depend on the foam softness for protection, the protection comes from the handle – and our handles are made with heavy-duty polypropylene blend with just the right flexibility.  Even when the foam compresses in the mitt target, the handle still provides protection for the trainer because the handle is doing the job – absorbing the punch force. This allows us to offer this three year replacement warranty – ship us back the old ones we’ll ship you new ones at ZERO cost – no questions asked. Ask Title, Rival, Ringside for a 3 year replacement warranty on their top line mitts and see what they tell you.


Distributor Opportunities

We are a small gym focused on training our clients and our pro and amateur boxers. We would like to establish a network of small independent gyms that sell our flex-mitts and other training products. If you’re interested in learning more, email Matt at, or call 845-416-0218.